4 Women Accessories that Turn the Sigma Males Off (2023)

Sigma males are very sensitive and pay attention to little details. They are intuitive and certain things easily turn them off. 


In today’s article, you will learn about the 4 women accessories that turn the sigma males off.

Sometimes, the little knick-knack accessories women wear immediately turn the sigma males off. 


It gives them the impression that such a woman is undateable and difficult to be with. Although this may not always be true, it’s just a general impression the sigma males have about certain accessories. 


Of course, we know women have to carry on their feminine traits. But they need to be moderate about it. 


So, whenever a sigma male meets a woman with any of these accessories, he doesn’t give them attention.


That is because he has a general impression that these women are difficult to be with. 

#1. Bonnet

When a woman wears bonnet or shower cap every time, the sigma males try to avoid her. Trust me, these types of women are really undateable. 


Let’s get this right. There’s nothing wrong with a woman wearing a shower cap once in a while.

She can wear it when doing chores at home or when she wants to take her bath. 


But when she wears it every now and then; I mean, when she wears it as part of her dressing code, it’s a serious red alert for the lone wolves. 


The sigma males believe that any woman who willingly wears showercap or bonnet in public and is comfortable with it, that woman is obviously bipolar. 


These women may not even have issues wearing pyjamas in public. And that is because they no longer live in reality. 


They can wear whatever they like to the grocery shops or any other public place. 


Their brain is on the internet and even if they decide to dress nice, they are only doing it for the gram or other social media platforms. 


All they care about is the gratifications from the guys they meet online. 


These women are afraid of reality and will make life difficult when you eventually date them. 


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#2. Glittering and Diamond Accessories 

Women that are too addicted to glittering and diamond accessories usually turn the sigma males off. 


I ain’t saying that women shouldn’t wear glittering accessories, but when everything about them is diamond, it calls for concern.

I am actually referring to women who use diamond steering wheels on their cars, diamond glittering phone cases, diamond glittering masks, in fact, everything that they have are diamond glittering. 


To the sigma males, women who are addicted to glittering and diamond  accessories are fake divas. 


Everything about these women are fake. Their hair is fake, their sunglasses are fake, their eyelashes are fake, and their clothes are fake.


They will always want to behave like a diva. But in reality, these women may not even look good. 


The more glittering things these women have, the more undateable they become. 


And sigma males can’t be with these types of women because they basically live their lives for everyone else. 

#3. Long Nails 

Sigma males are always careful with women who wear long nails. To the lone wolves, these women look devilish.


These women alway want people to see the littlest things that nobody actually pays attention to. 


Like you already know, the sigma males are not like most men who think they can get a woman by complimenting her outfits, her body, her hair, etc. 


The sigma males don’t like long nails and they aren’t comfortable with them. 


#4. Fake Eyelashes

Wearing fake eyelashes is a big turn off for the sigma males. Sigma males love naturally looking women. 


They want to see women’s natural face, their natural eyelashes, and not fake eyelashes that make them look monstrous. 


Honestly, women can wear what they want. They have the right to wear whatever they like. 


But if you are crushing on a sigma male, you need to be natural without eyelashes or any fake accessories. 


Do you dislike any of these accessories? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment. 


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