4 Weight Loss Myths You Didn’t Know About(2023)

Myth 1: The more I sweat, the more weight I lose

Fact: The answer is a big NO! Sweating is your body’s natural way of regulating body temperature. How does it do it? It does so by releasing water and salt, which then evaporates, to bring your temperature down and cool you. There’s really no evidence to show that sweating can burn calories; yes, it can certainly help you lose some water weight.

Myth 2: My muscle will turn to fat if I stop exercising

Fact: It’s a NO again! Most people believe that fat is going to replace muscle, when you stop working out. But that just can’t happen! Fat cells and muscle cells are completely different structures and can’t be replaced. “It’s like turning chalk into cheese,” adds Yasmin. Most people believe that their bodies look less toned when they stop working out, but that’s because your body composition changes. Your muscle cells will shrink due to lack of activity, and fat cells will expand.

You need to stop believing these myths. 
Myth 3: Pilates is not for men

Fact: Absolutely false! Pilates was invented by a male called Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. Although we see women doing Pilates much more than men, that doesn’t mean that men can’t perform this workout. The exercise has several benefits, from core strength to flexibility. It also helps with better range of motion, and guess what? These advantages don’t have to be limited to women.

Myth 4: I can lose belly fat by doing 100 crunches

Fact: Let’s face facts, how is it possible to reduce fat from a particular area? When you gain weight, it is generally uniformly distributed. According to fitness experts, spot reduction is one of the biggest myths. Most people believe that gaining muscle increases metabolism, and at the same time, helps with fat reduction. They think that fat loss in a particular area could be targeted by building muscle around it. But no way!

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