4 Ways Women Secretly Test the Sigma Males

The sigma males always create an aura of mystery and elusiveness wherever they are. This makes it difficult for women to understand and predict their next move. 


Although they seem mysterious, women still find the sigma males really attractive. 


Once a woman starts crushing on a lone wolf, she would test him to find out if the sigma male has the traits she values in a partner. 


She would want to know how attentive, focused, and selfless the sigma male is. 


Remember, sigma males don’t care about what people think of them. So, even if they fail these tests, it doesn’t really matter. 


However, over time, you tend to become less of a Sigma Male because real sigma males will always pass these tests. 


So, here are 4 ways women secretly test the sigma males; 


#1. They Test the Sigma Males’ Masculinity 


Most times, women test a sigma male to see how strong he is. Having well-built muscles doesn’t mean you are strong. 


That is not the type of strength women are looking for. Of course, most women want to be with a macho-looking man. 


But they prefer to be with a man who doesn’t only have physical strength but also mental and emotional strength. 


Whenever a woman tests the sigma male, they are testing them for their emotional strength. 


Once a lady realizes that the sigma male has an emotional strength that is as strong as steel, they will automatically fall in love with him. 


Trust me, guys no woman wants to be with an insecure, mentally weak, and crazy guy. They need to be with someone who is calm, emotionally mature and focused.


And most times, sigma males always have these traits they are looking for. 

Guys! No serious-minded woman would want to be with a Beta or Omega male. Some of these men often give a fake impression that they are Sigma males. 


They will fake their strengths and eventually reveal themselves when they win the lady’s heart. 


Women are aware of these types of people, hence the need to start testing for mental strength and emotional maturity before dating any man. 


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#2. They Test the Sigma Males’ Confidence


Women also test the sigma males to know if they are as confident as they appear. Every high-value sigma male has a high level of self-confidence and emotional strength. 


These two traits go together, making the sigma male appear intimidating to other people. 


You may be wondering why women would want to test the sigma males’ confidence. Well, you can’t blame them. 


Several guys out there give the impression that they are very confident. 


But when they find themselves in a situation, you will realize that they are as self-distrustful and fearful as a rabbit. 


#3. They Test to See if the Man Actually Care About Them


Most times, women want to know if a man cares about them enough to be with them for the long term. 


But you all the sigma males. They are blunt and always honest, regardless of the situation. 


If they don’t care about a woman, they will make it so glaring that the woman won’t have to waste her time being with him. 


The sigma males are not like Beta or Omega males who act as if they care, just to get what is in between their legs. 


So, most times, women would want to know if the sigma male just wants to get her laid or wants to be with her for the long run. 


But do you know the irony of this? Women are actually more interested in a guy who shows less interest in them. 


It’s quite paradoxical, but it’s the fact. 


Why would a woman chase a man that’s not even interested in her? Well, it’s all come down to the fact that women love mystery.

And the more mysterious a man seems to them, the more attractive he will become. 


Women know that guys that are less interested in them are always the best catch. 


So, that explains why even when the sigma male makes it clear that he isn’t interested in a woman, she never stops chasing him. 


Yeah, women will always want what they can’t have. 


But once you show interest in her, she will perceive you as desperate. And she will try to play hard to get. 


#4. They Want to See if the Sigma Males are Real or Fake


Being authentic is one of the areas women secretly test the sigma males. We live in a world that’s filled with deception. 


Things are not always the way they appear. There will always be an ulterior motive behind every action. 


There are so many fake guys out there. They act all nice towards a woman just to get her laid. 


My point? People can be very deceptive in life. And some of the evilest men in history were able to perpetuate their evil acts through deception. 


Some guys (especially Beta and Omega males) can do many weird things just to be attractive to a woman. 


For instance, many guys out there give people the impression that they are wealthy. 


They rent expensive sports cars, buy expensive drinks, and live a lifestyle above their means just to impress people. 


But in reality, these guys may be poorer than an average guy who earns a decent income and doesn’t show off. 


Most times, when women start dating these men, they realize that these men that appeared wealthy are actually wallowing in poverty. 


And it’s because of things like these that make women secretly test men, including the sigma males. 


Of course, if you know the sigma males so much, you will understand that they hate being fake. 


It doesn’t matter how beautiful and intelligent a woman seems; once the sigma male realizes she is portraying a fake personality, he immediately loses interest. 


In a nutshell, women test the sigma males to ensure that they are actually who they claim they are. 


The more the sigma males understand women and the real reasons they test them, the more they can influence these women’s behavior. 


Has a woman tried to test you before? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. 


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