4 Ways To Improve Your Running Technique(2023)

1. Watch the lean

Leaning too far forward increases the load to the front of your
knee and limits proper arm movement, which can slow you down.
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and lean forward at the
ankles until your weight just shifts to the balls of your feet.
This is your ideal running angle.

2. Lighten up

Running “hard” or striking your feet on the ground with maximum
force increases the levels of force sent through the body. This
can cause new injuries — or worsen existing conditions — creating
an uncomfortable running experience. To run more lightly,
concentrate on softening the sound your foot makes when it hits
the ground.

3. Don’t bounce or rotate excessively

Running is a linear motion, as you move forward in a straight
line. Although many of the constituent movements at individual
joints and segments require rotation to function correctly, your
body shouldn’t be rotating excessively from side to side.
Excessive rotation counteracts the end goal of making forward
progression. It costs us energy to control and stabilize – a big

In the same way, your energy should be directed in traveling
forwards not upwards. A slow rate of cadence and therefore over-
stride often results in excessive upwards displacement or
‘bounce’ within the stride.

The correct form while running will give you the right benefits.
4. Control your breathing

Your breathing rhythm when running should fit in with the overall
rhythm that the rest of your body is working to. The ratios with
you inhale and exhale will most likely vary as your intensity of
exercise varies. Getting your breathing right is integral to your
running technique and should be practiced so that you can
maintain your composure on race day as your concentration is

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