4 Ways Inwhich Skipping Sport Bra Can Affect You(2023)

1. Skipping a sports bra can damage your ligaments

“The breast has no muscle and is made up of glandular and fatty tissue which gets its support from Cooper’s ligament that attaches it to the chest wall. This keeps the breasts in shape and avoids premature sagging,” explains Dr Gupta. “Sports bra provides support to the ligaments while you are jumping, running, and exercising,” she adds.

2. You can end up in a lot of pain

“A sports bra provides all the support to the breast and reduces pain, soreness and discomfort while working out. If you wear a regular bra, or no bra for that matter, you will bend forward due to the weight of your breasts, which can lead to an incorrect posture and more discomfort,” says Dr Gupta.

Pick the right sports bra. 
3. It can also lead to stretch marks

Just like any other part of your body, you can also get stretch marks on your breasts as well. If you are in the habit of working out without a sports bra, chances are you’ll get stretch marks there very soon.

This happens because of the sagging of breasts, so make sure you wear a sports bra which will ensure that your breasts get the much-needed support.

4. Back and neck discomfort can also be the result of skipping a sports bra

“Back and neck pain or discomfort has been frequently noticed among women who don’t wear a sports bra while exercising. Rapid movement of breasts causes discomfort and that’s why it is always recommended to wear a sports bra while exercising,” concludes Dr Gupta.

If you feel uncomfortable while wearing a sports bra, you can opt for a non-padded and 100% cotton variety. Wear one only when you are exercising and not throughout the day. This will reduce your discomfort and will also save you from saggy breasts.

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