4 Tips You Must Follow To Avoid Injuries During Barbell Workouts(2023)

4 Tips to keep in mind to avoid injury during a barbell workout:

1. Avoid using heavy weights

You must start with lighter weights. Don’t try to do it all at once. Getting fit is a slow and consistent process, so it is important that you only use weights that you are able to handle easily according to your physique. Once you start building up muscle, you can gradually start increasing the weights. Singh says that lifting heavy weights will lead to jerky upward movements which will increase the chances of the barbell getting slipped and causing injury to you.

2. Indulge in a proper warm up session

Surveys have shown that sprains and strains make up for more than half the workout injuries and these happen when one has not indulged in a proper warm up session. “You need to warm up your muscles before working out as it increases elasticity and mobility hence, reducing the chances of injury,” says Singh. He also says that a rep heavy and low intensity workout is recommended before a barbell workout to get the muscles ready.

Warm up is important to avoid injuries! 

3. End your workout with stretches

Various types of stretches such as quad stretches, make sure that your muscles have loosened up and are ready for action. Stretching helps in providing more mobility to your muscles and reduces the chance of injury. According to the health coach, stretches are required for athletes to recover faster and they can also be done before the workout to get the muscles ready.

4. Avoid forced reps

While we are all for pushing limits, that too should be done keeping in mind your physique and stamina, under the guidance of a trainer. Forcing yourself to do too many extra reps can lead to back pain or shoulder injury. “An intensive workout can be dangerous as the muscles can collapse,” says Singh.

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