4 Tips To Avoid Workout Injuries In 2023


1. Stop skipping
We don’t mean skipping with a rope here. Come on, that’s an excellent form of cardio. We mean, skipping the warm up.

Ever seen your mom boiling the milk that the beloved doodhwala delivers? For the uninitiated, the milk doesn’t start boiling immediately after she places it on the stove. Be like milk, woman.

We mean, stop skipping the warm up and immediately start high intensity cardio or weight lifting, unless, of course, you want to get an injury for the sake of skipping exercise. After all, cold muscles are stiff and are more likely to get injured as per an article in the Harvard Health Publishing.

So, start walking, go on to brisk walking, jogging, running, and when you’re all heated up—weight lifting.

2. Stop skipping-version 2.0
Again, nothing against the skipping rope. But we’ve got a lot against skipping the cool down exercises once you’re done with your workout and rushing out of the gym.

Come on, those worked up muscles need to get relaxed if you don’t want to come back to the gym with sore and stiff muscles, which are more prone to injury than ever before.

The same Harvard article recommends ending your workout with a slow walk or gentle stretching for 10 minutes.

3. Keep sipping
You all are so busy showing off your fancy shakers at the gym that you probably forget drinking water from it. The result? Dehydration, an electrolyte imbalance in the body, and an increased risk of muscular cramps and injuries.

Surely, you’ve got to meet the 8-glasses-a-day mark when it comes to keeping your water intake right, but also keep sipping on some water during your workout to make up for the water lost in sweat.

Keeping sipping and stay hydrated to avoid injuries during workout. 

4. Dress just fine, not to the nines
Who doesn’t like looking good in the tall, gigantic mirrors on every possible wall at the gym? But, if that obsession with looking fine while you do those squats makes you head to the gym in aesthetically appealing shoes or sneakers, you’re making yourself more prone to getting injured while working out.

Shock-absorbing shoes and comfortable lowers can help you a great deal, here.

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