4 Side Effects Of Overconsuming Giloy In 2023


Here are 4 side-effects of overconsuming giloy that you need to be careful about:

1. It can leave you constipated

Giloy is known to improve the digestive system, but some people experience constipation due to consuming too much of it. Please consult your doctor if you observe changes in your bowel movements after consuming the herb.

Unfortunately, giloy can constipate you! 
2. Your blood sugar level can drop

Giloy is a natural way of controlling blood sugar levels and can be helpful to those with diabetes. It works efficiently by bringing down the glucose levels in a diabetic patient. However, if you’re consuming giloy along with your diabetes medicine then it may cause your blood sugar levels to drop down drastically. So, consult your doctor before you start consuming any giloy supplement.

3. Certain autoimmune diseases can get triggered

Giloy is particularly famous for its immunity boosting properties. However, consuming too much of it can over-stimulate your immune system which can lead to complications. So, it is best to avoid giloy if you have been diagnosed with auto-immune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Giloy can do wonders for your overall health, but it can trigger autoimmune disease if you already have one.
4. It might be harmful to pregnant women

Experts suggest that pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding should avoid consuming giloy. Its impact on this demographic hasn’t yet been medically established. But, it is best to listen to experts and skip giloy if you’re pregnant.

You see, giloy does work but in the right amount. Overconsuming it will only cause harm. Hence, make sure you consult your doctor before you start any giloy supplement.

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