4 Recent Weight Loss Exercise You Can Try Out In 2023

1. Jumping Kicks

The school drills were there for a reason. And they still work beautifully today, for all ages and sizes. Simple to do anywhere anytime, jumping jacks are a great warm-up exercise. They help in gaining flexibility and give you the required boost before you start an aggressive workout.

Jump with your legs wide open, simultaneously raising your hands up in the air or above the head. Bring your hands back down as you jump back into the starting position, closing your legs. Practice 4 sets of 20 reps each with a three-minute break before starting your workout routine.

2. High Knees

The funda for high knees is fairly simple: while standing straight, you need to bring your knees as close to your chest as possible in a running motion. This is a high intensity workout that helps with weight loss.

The high knee is a fat killer. 

While you are moving your legs, also move your hands to match the motion. This will lead to more sweating and hence weight loss.

3. Speed skaters

Think of this exercise as skating without the skates! One of the best exercises to reduce weight very quickly, this is a cardiovascular exercise wherein you do a lateral jump. This takes your heart rate up, bolsters your legs, and enhances your body stability and balance.

4. Butt kicks

Touch your butt with your feet, do it fast, and do it quick! This cardio exercise strengthens the hamstrings, which helps boost acceleration and pace. It will help you in boosting your metabolism, which is how you will lose weight.

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