4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Morning Yoga(2023)

4 benefits of doing yoga in the morning:

1. It recycles our first breath

The first breath of the day that we take is the most potent, the one with a lot of hidden potential to create, live and enjoy throughout the day. Our senses are yet to start and just before the eyes have opened, in that first breath, the point between dreaming and waking, we begin to co-create with the universe. This sets the tone for our day.

So, if you are waking up with the thought that “I have a hectic day”, “I did not sleep well”, or “I am not feeling healthy today”, just shut your eyes – turn over, take a deep breath and wake up again. With the consciousness ready to unfold, the waking hours impact how our day will be. Use the first hour of your day to harness these energies and have the remaining hours meaningfully productive.

Breathing properly in the morning can have a positive impact on the mind. 

2. Yoga warms up and kickstarts the body

When we wake up, the body is cooler and at rest. When we do yoga, the body gets heated to purify and transforms into becoming the energy power centre. The mind is activated to start the inner wisdom and unleash the power of mental strengths and divine acknowledgment. This is the secret to utilising the three components – body, mind and intellect as the radiant source throughout the day.

3. Channelizes our vibration

Even when we are asleep, our cells are not at rest as they are vibrating at a lower frequency. As soon as we wake up, the cells start to slowly increase their vibrations and frequency. If we don’t channelise these vibrations through activities like yoga, they can get scattered out through our thoughts. This makes us feel stretched in different directions.

4. Matches our body’s clock with the Sun’s rhythm

When our cells are exposed to the morning light, it kickstarts our body’s functions. On first exposure to light from darkness, the brain shuts down melatonin production, thereby stimulating the physical system that directs bodily functions.

A morning yoga session impacts a lot of our body’s rhythm and production of melatonin in the brain. Therefore, the various stretches of Surya Namaskar, help us connect with the source of light and life – the Sun.

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