4 Reasons Sigma Males Avoid Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are toxic and unsafe. That is why the sigma males avoid them by all means. 


Spending too much time on these platforms could make you feel worse about yourself and develop the impression that every other person is better than you. 


But the truth is – most of the things you see on social media platforms are not real. 


Someone may seem fun and glamorous, but in reality they are going through a hard time.

I have seen celebrities post their spouses and call them all sorts of nice names on social media. Yet got divorced a few months later. 


The truth is, everything you see on social media is a mirage. They are not real. 


This article will discuss 4 reasons sigma males avoid social media platforms. 


#1. It Brings About Self-doubt 

Spending too much time on social media makes you start doubting yourself. 


Because people on social media only show you the part of their lives that is beautiful, you may think that everything about them is perfect. 


But that is not true. They may be going through difficult times like you. 


And since you keep seeing stunning photos of people on these platforms. You may start thinking “Oh! This person’s life is better than mine”.


This unhealthy comparison is a recipe for low self-esteem and will eventually affect your masculine energy. 


However, the sigma  males know that people on social media are only sharing the best parts of their lives online. 


Afterall, nobody washes their dirty laundry in public. 


There’s no way you can judge what’s going on in people’s life by mere pictures they posted online. 


#2. It Could Trigger The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Spending too much time on social media platforms could make you develop the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). 


Most times, when you see people posting about their achievements and success, you may feel left out. 


And this mood and being in a state of lower satisfaction about life could affect your mental health which could translate into a low self esteem over time. 


The sigma males know how dangerous this could become that is why they avoid social media by all means. 


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#3. It Could Become An Addiction 


Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and even TikTok could easily become an addiction if you aren’t disciplined enough. 


There are instances when you intend to sneak into TikTok to check a particular video and you end up spending over an hour on the platform. 


Because of the possibility of being addicted to social media platforms, the sigma males avoid them by all means. 


They only use social media when it becomes extremely necessary. And when they decide to use any social media platform, they will be very disciplined about it. 


#4. It Could Make You Feel Worse About Your Appearance 

When it comes to appearances, there are a lot of unrealistic expectations out there. Perhaps, it’s because we are in the era of filters and photoshop. 


So, when you suddenly start comparing people’s appearances on social media to yours, it could lead to negative body image. 


But whenever the sigma male comes across someone who seems attractive and beautiful on social media, he reminds himself that that person’s beauty doesn’t take away his own. 


In conclusion, sigma males know the danger of spending too much time on social media. It could make you unproductive and turn you into a great procrastinator. 


Do you spend much time on social media? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. 

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