4 Practical Tips To Help Get You Up And Moving During Your Work Day(2023)

1. Make stretching a part of your morning routine

This is super simple, and something you’d be able to sustain. Yes, that’s a promise! You don’t have to wake up and start doing vigorous activity, but make sure to add few stretches and workout your body! Push-ups, planks, and crunches — how about adding them all?

Leave the stress behind with the help of stretching exercises. 
2. Utilise lunch hour

This is probably the only hour that you have some time for yourself! Make use of it by trying to speed walk. You could eat a light lunch, so that moving around doesn’t seem like a struggle.

3. Move your body while you’re on a phone call

Whether you’re at home or at work (or working from home), every time you get a phone call, how about walking around and talking? Easy enough? Do not sit all the time, it’s more harmful than you know. What’s more, you could also have standing meetings. So the next time, you have a Zoom call, just stand and talk! And if people judge you, just let them! Your health is in your hands.

4. Switch your chair with a swiss ball

Stop raising your eyebrows, ladies! We’re just trying to be innovative. You could choose a large swiss or medicine ball, and work all day. We know you’re thinking how uncomfortable it’s going to be, but trust us it’s not! It will force you to focus on your posture, and at the same time, you’ll burn calories too. Imagine 112 to 165 calories per hour — now, that’s worth it!

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