4 Plank Mistake You Must Avoid(2023)


Here’s what you DON’T need to do:

  1. Sway your hips: It might appear like your entire body needs to move, while you do a walking plank. But that’s not true — your hips must stay as still as possible. Yes, they will move a little bit, when you alternate between high and low planks, but try to keep your hips intact, so that you can fire up those muscles as much as possible. That’s exactly when this exercise will prove effective.
  2. Placing your elbows wide: Again, it’s not like your elbows won’t be wide, but if they are too wide, then we’ve got a problem. Of course, as you alternate between high and low planks, you want to be in perfect form. In case, your elbows are placed too wide, you’re putting unnecessary pressure on your shoulders. Make sure you land with your elbows directly underneath your shoulders by making an L shape with your arms.
  3. Moving your hips too high or low: It’s always important to make sure that your hips are in level with the rest of your body. In case your hips are too high, it will be difficult to engage your core. But also, they can’t be too low, because then there will be excess pressure on your lower back. Make sure to engage your muscles, and keep your body in a straight line.
  4. Not moving with control: You might think it all sounds pointless, but ladies, this is extremely important. If you don’t exercise control in your stance, then there’s a high chance you could land harshly on your elbows and wrists. With control, you not only get all the benefits from this exercise, but you’re also not being harsh on your body. Here’s what you can do to control your walking plank — make sure your pelvis is in a neutral position, and squeeze those abs.

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