4 Nice Guy Habits Sigma Males Never Exhibit

Society will change your mindset to believe that everybody likes nice guys and nice guys always win… 


But that is wrong…


It’s the same mentality that has made many men lose their masculinity, self-esteem, and eventually become the worst version of themselves. 


Hold on a minute. 


Who exactly is a Nice Guy?


Nice guys are men who in quote “agreeable, gentle, compassionate, and vulnerable. 


They believe that they are good, caring, and expect to have a fulfilling relationship. 


These men will basically offer to do things for women, including those they don’t know. 


They avoid conflicts and confrontation. So, once they have a contrary idea, they will rather keep quiet than appear to be opposing general opinions. 


In a nutshell, they pay so much attention to what people think about them and they can do anything just to get that validation. 


Ordinarily, I would have said it’s a great thing to be a nice guy. 


But most guys who seem gentle, compassionate, agreeable, and vulnerable in the presence of a lady are only motivated by attempts to passively please her into getting her laid. 


The sigma males are genuine and will go straight to the point rather than faking it just to please a woman. 


I mean, if he needs a relationship or wants sex, he knows how to present himself in a way that makes him irresistible to women. 


If you have ever wondered why women are attracted to sigma males despite being blunt, unemotional about issues, and not agreeable, hopefully after reading this article, you will understand. 

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Here are 4 nice guy’s habits sigma males never exhibit. 


I tell you this, whenever you see a self-acclaimed sigma male exhibiting any of these behaviors, that person is obviously a Beta male in Lone Wolf clothing. 


Men who exhibit these habits tend to find themselves in the friend zone. 

#1. Being a People Pleaser 

Unlike the nice guys, sigma males don’t give a damn about what people think of them. 


They don’t fall into the trap of pleasing everybody they meet, just to make more friends…


Get everybody to like them… 


Or try to make everybody happy. 


Sigmas won’t please others to displease themselves. 


They are not emotional and never fail to apply logic in whatever they do. 


So, they know that they can’t please everybody. And of course, they can’t get everybody to like them. 


Since the sigma males know that they can never be perfect enough for everybody, they rather be themselves and be happy than please other people at the expense of their happiness. 


People who try to please everybody have succeeded in setting high standards for themselves. 


And when they can’t meet these standards, they will develop a low-self esteem and become the worst version of themselves. 


#2. Agreeing With Everyone and Everything 

Regardless of who the sigma males are having a conversation with, they hold their opinions tenaciously. 


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to say the sigma males argue and disagree with everybody they meet. 


My point is, the sigma males will definitely let people know that their opinions are valid. 


They don’t sit on the fence and they don’t fail to articulate their position at any point in time. 


Sigma males will never go with the flow just because they don’t want to offend people. 


they have a mind of their own, they are consistent with their positions on issues. 


#3. Not Saying NO

Many men are victims of this habit. The sigma males don’t hesitate to say no when he’s not comfortable with a situation. 


Like you already know, they don’t give a damn about what people think of them. And they won’t please you to displease themselves. 


The lone wolves know that when you learn to say NO, you have been able to free yourself from several things that can hold you down. 


Let me give you a typical example. 


When a sigma male takes a lady to a restaurant, she can’t take advantage of him. When the lady tries to order the most expensive things on the menu, he calls her to order immediately. 


He won’t fake it and allow someone to take advantage of him. 


But a nice guy won’t want to call the lady to order. In fact, he will overshoot his budget and probably call a friend to come to his rescue. 


In a nutshell, sigma males will put themselves first in every situation. 

#4. Not Setting Boundaries 

Sigma Males know how to put people in their place. They don’t allow people to disrespect, insult, and take them for granted. 


They know how to stand up for themselves. 


The lone wolves believe that people treat us the way they do because we allowed it. 


For instance, people will always treat you badly if you tolerate bad behavior. Whenever anybody steps on the sigma male’s boundaries, he points it out immediately.


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