4 Moves From Disha Patani’s Arsenal That Can Inspire You To Get Back In Shape(2023)

Moves From Disha Patani’s Arsenal That Can Inspire You To Get Back In Shape

1. Wall back flip is her thing
If you have been following Disha then you would know that she has been trying this move for quite some time. This power move is great for agility and flexibility. The trick to ace this move is to keep your core strong and back straight. Plus, it burns a whole lot of calories.

2. Weighted squats FTW
For those of you who are still living under a rock, thinking that lifting weights means bulking up, Disha Patani has a lesson. Look at this diva do weighted squats. And FYI, this exercise not only benefits your legs, but according to a study published in the Journal of Human Kinetic it activates your core muscles and manages your love handles too.

3. Leg press for well-toned legs
Working on your legs at the gym equals a proportionate body mass. Here, Disha can be seen doing leg presses which are great for your thighs and glutes. This exercise also helps in toning the core and lower back.

4. Kickboxing in, weight gain out
Cardio, sorted. Muscle, toning stored. Strength training, sorted too. Yup, kickboxing is an overall package. Plus, it is so much fun to do. And since you’re constantly switching your moves, they’re working on different areas of your body at the same time. We guess, that’s why Disha likes to mix it up.

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