4 Male Insecurities Sigma Males Don’t Care About

We have all experienced insecurities at some point in our lives. 


From the time we were too afraid to raise our hands in class because we didn’t want to sound stupid to the time we pined silently for our crush but kept our distance so they didn’t laugh in our face… 


Insecurity is a universal part of human nature. 


Some people may even tell you that a healthy dose of insecurity prompts us to monitor ourselves and our interactions and help us identify how to get along with our fellow humans. 


Laugh (hahaha)…


I doubt if the sigma male believes that… 


Even though we all experience insecurities at some point in our lives, there are certain things people shouldn’t feel insecure about. 


This article will discuss some of the male insecurities sigma males don’t care about. 



So, here are 4 males insecurities that the sigma males don’t give a damn about; 


#1. Height


Most men (perhaps Beta and Omega) believe that the taller you are as a man, the more appealing you become. 


Wait, do people actually believe that crap???


Sigma males don’t care about their height. Their height and other bodily features neither diminish nor boost their confidence. 


For the avoidance of doubt, a sigma male’s dwarf will definitely be more respected and appealing than a well-built Beta or omega male.


Sigma males are not fixated on their height. They are only focused on becoming the better version of themselves every day. 


The lone wolves know that people look beyond physical features when it comes to delivering results, offering exceptional leadership, and providing solutions to problems. 


Even though height generally impacts first impressions, when a tall, handsome man doesn’t have masculine energy or excellent manly traits, nobody will take them seriously. 


#2. Bald Heads 

A bald head is actually one of the men’s greatest insecurities. I have seen some men go through serious emotional torture because they have receding hairlines. 


However, sigma males don’t care about their bald heads. 


The lone wolves understand the world we are living in better than most people. And they know that having a bald head doesn’t make them less of a man. 


Common guy! Who cares about your bald head in the first place? 




Damn! No woman is even looking at your bald head. 


I have had conversations with several women on whether or not they care about receding hairline or not. 


And guess what? Most of them don’t care. 


In fact, some of them see baldness as the new sexy. 


People are only interested in your personality, approach to issues, and mindset. 


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#3. The Size of Their Male organ

O boy!


This is actually an area people don’t want to talk about. 


In my opinion, I think the size of the male organ is one of the biggest insecurities men have. 


Men frequently ask the question – does the size of your lunchbox matter?


And there’s a general misconception among guys that the bigger the size of your machine the better. 


The sigma male can never bother himself over the size of the junk in his trunk. 


You all know who the sigma males are; they don’t give a damn what people think about them. 


And what a woman thinks about the size of his penis is none of his business. 


But one thing is certain – even if the sigma male’s engine is as small as a cigarette stick, they will know how to make maximum use of it. 


So, they won’t allow the size of their junk to make them lose confidence in the presence of a lady. 


#4. Money

While every other man feels vulnerable, insecure, and sometimes anxious by lack of money, sigma males never feel insecure because of money. 


Perhaps it’s because they only have money in their head, not their hearts. 


They are not like Alpha, Omega, and Beta males who strive so hard to make money to buy the things they don’t want just to impress people they don’t even like. 


Don’t get this wrong. The sigma males like money. But they prioritise a lot of things ahead of money. 


They believe that there’s more to life and happiness than money. 


Let’s get this right, though. 


Not feeling insecure about money doesn’t mean that sigma males are broke or enjoy being broke. 


That is not true. 


Just that they have a completely different mindset about money. 


So, does any of these make you feel insecure? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. 


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