4 Major Diseases You Should Be Very Watchful About(2023)


1. Mucormycosis

Black fungus or mucormycosis is a rare fatal infection that occurs due to molds called mucormycetes and requires immediate medical attention. It was seen in post-Covid patients due to steroid usage. The combination of inappropriate use of steroids and uncontrolled diabetes leads to development of this disease. The common symptoms of mucormycosis include discoloration over the bridge of the nose, blurred or double vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties, one-sided facial pain and numbness. It also leads to brain damage.

Keep a check on your body’s signs. 

2. Avascular necrosis

This is another post-Covid complication caused due to overuse of steroids in the patients. It is also known as osteonecrosis or the death of bone tissue owing to the lack of blood supply. It can lead to tiny breaks in the bone and the bone’s eventual collapse. While the disease has no symptoms at early stages, in later stages the affected joint might hurt when you put weight on it and eventually one may feel pain even while lying down.

3: Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS)

While children usually show mild symptoms of Covid-19, this post Covid complication is said to be deadly. MIS-C can cause severe inflammation in heart, lungs, blood vessels, kidneys, digestive system, brain, skin or eyes. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, pain in stomach, skin rash, rapid breathing, red eyes, swelling on lips and tongue and headache.

4: Blood clotting and heart problems

There was increase in cases of heart attacks this year as many of the recovered Covid patients experienced cardiac issues. The symptoms ranged from chest tightness, breathing difficulties, pain and sudden palpitations. Complications like heart attack, myocarditis, swelling of the heart, low pumping capacity, heart failure, blood clotting, and arrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat) were seen.

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