4 Likely Common Mistakes Of Cobra Pose You Should Be Aware Of(2023)


Let’s take a look at the common mistakes everyone tends to make:

1. Your hand is placed wrongly

Cobra pose has a lot to do with hand movements, so while lifting your chest and head upward from the floor, you need to be careful with your hand placement i.e. if your hands are kept too far from each other, then you might end up locking your shoulder towards your ears. This will only restrict the stretching of your chest, and you might feel stuff around your neck.

2. You’re trying to lift your upper body

Have you ever wondered the difference between cobra pose and the upward-facing dog pose? Well, the major difference is that in the cobra pose you don’t need to lift your hips from the floor. You must have seen people trying to hard lift their chest, but they unconsciously lift their hips too. It’s not about how high you go with your upper body, but it’s about your spinal extension. So, go slow with your lower back.

3. You might be locking your elbows

Instead of having bent and relaxed arms, people keep their arms straight, which can lead the elbows to lock and block your shoulders. As a result, your shoulder motion decreases and you can feel a stretch in your spine. And here, you should stop doing the bhujangasana, otherwise it can reverse the result.

4. Your leg spacing is incorrect

You might be holding your feet too close, in order to induce pressure on your feet to get help in lifting your upper body. But that’s wrong, because the wide distance between your legs may cause more harm than good. Try to put your legs close, hip-distance apart to avoid unnecessary pressure on your other body parts.

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