4 Household Chores To Burn Out Kilos(2023)


The following are some household activities that you can perform to burn calories:
1. Sweeping and mopping the floor
As you bend and stretch your arms to clean those hard-to-reach areas of your house, you are surprisingly engaging your core muscles and stretching your body. All this accounts for a great cardio exercise. However, don’t forget to keep that tummy in and your core muscles engaged as you broom the house and mop the floor. As you make your house squeaky clean, you may burn 195 calories per hour!

2. Vacuum cleaning the home
While a vacuum cleaner may be an easier alternative to the conventional cleaning, using it may also help you get back in shape. Lunging forward while pushing the vacuum head under the sofa can make your glutes strong. Vacuuming the house is said to burn 190 calories per hour. Do not forget to switch legs and keep your core tight while doing the lunges.

Vacuum cleaning
Vacuuming your house can make your glutes strong and burn calories.
3. Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms
Scrubbing the bathroom tiles may feel like a cumbersome task. However, it can pass for a great arm workout. As you clean and rub the floor and bathware, try to switch between your right and left arms to ensure that you’re doing an even workout.

4. Washing the car
A car wash is often kept slated for a Sunday. But, if you’re willing to turn it into a workout, it can save money, make your abs stronger and leave your car dazzling too! Ain’t that a win win? Reach high for cleaning the car’s roof. It will pump your abs and oblique muscles. Cleaning your car’s windshield and windows can burn around 180 calories per hour.

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