4 High Octane Workouts You Should Try Out In 2023

Yasmin’s 5-minute workout session

In the form of a picture in picture in mode, her video also has a modified version of these exercises in case you need to scale down the intensity. She suggested doing these exercises for a minute each and repeat for another round or two if you want to level it up:

1. Alternate curtsy lunge plus kick

She starts by standing with her back straight and stepping her left leg behind her, towards the right side so that the thighs cross, she bends both the knees as if she is curtsying. Now while returning back to the standing position, she also adds a kick and then switches sides to repeat the movement.

The modified version of the exercise has Yamin performing an ‘alternate reverse lunge plus kick’. Yasmin starts with her feet together and then while lowering her hips, she takes a large step backwards with her right leg, in a way that her right knee is positioned directly over her ankle. She then adds a kick while returning back to the standing position and then switches to the left leg to repeat the movement.

2. Cross-body mountain climber

With her core tight and back straight, Yasmin takes a high plank position. Then, she brings her left knee up towards her chest and twists towards the opposing elbow (right side). She then immediately switches to the other leg to repeat the movement.

For the modified movement, Yasmin does a ‘mountain climber’. Bracing herself in a similar stance required for the cross-body mountain climber, Yasmin takes her left knee up towards her chest and then switches to the other leg to repeat the movement.

Mountain climber is an important part of the workout session recommended by Yasmin. 

3. Scissor scissor surfer

Yasmin starts off by doing 2 counts of scissor jumps and in the third count of the jump, she takes the warrior yoga pose facing towards her left side, in which her arms are outstretched and her legs are in a squat position. She then starts the 2 counts of scissor jumps again and this time takes the warrior pose towards her right side.

‘Surfer’ is the modified exercise, in which she takes turns between her left and right side to outstretch her arms and get into the squat position.

4. Burpee to Spiderman climb

She starts with the conventional burpee, taking a light thrust with her arms overhead, she then takes her hands to the floor and takes a push up position. She then thrusts herself to perform the spiderman climber, in which she takes a high plank position and steps her right leg outside her right hand and repeats the same for the left leg. She then gets back to the starting position to repeat the movement.

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