4 Healthy Ways To Take Care Of Your Vaginal After Birth(2023)

How to take care of your vagina after childbirth

It is very important to take proper care of your vagina to promote healing and prevent complications after tearing during childbirth.

• Maintain good hygiene by washing your vaginal area with warm water and mild and unscented soap.
• Avoid using harsh chemicals or vaginal douching  that can disrupt the natural balance of the vagina.
• Applying ice packs or warm compresses to the perineal area can help to reduce swelling and provide relief.
• Soaking the perineal area in warm water can help in healing and relieving pain.

Childbirth can be very exhaustive and even after getting discharged from the hospital, you will be getting many sleepless nights. But don’t forget to get adequate rest and avoid strenuous activities to give your body time to heal.

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