4 Health Benefits Of Doing Strength Training In 2023

Here are 4 health benefits of strength training that can help you stay healthy forever:

1. It reduces back pain
Gone are those days when backache used to be a problem in the elderly. Due to long working hours and your desk job, back pain and you might have become inseparable. And in case you have any back ailment then you already yourself know how it affects your daily routine.

Strength training can help in curing back pain. 

According to experts and study published in the journal Healthcare, doing back exercises has shown wondrous results in curing chronic back pain. It also recommends that eight weeks of aerobics and 12 weeks of HIIT training is something you can go for if you want to rehabilitate your back.

2. It reduces your anxiety
Did you know a new study published in The Laryngoscope says that covid-19 can have an impact on your mental health and can lead to anxiety and depression? Now, what can be a better reason to adopt strength training?

We all know that yoga is one way that can help you deal with anxiety. Thankfully, yoga has many poses that can test your endurance and strength. So, you can actually adopt yoga and tame your anxiety as well.

3. It tames obesity
Any kind of physical activity will hit the fat content in your body hard. But that doesn’t mean that you only have to focus on cardio and ignore strength training. You’ll be glad to know that strength training burns more calories than regular cardio as you need more energy to pull off strength exercises. That’s why you burn more fat.

Don’t let the weighing scale move too much. 

4. It can help you deal with daytime sleeping
If you can’t finish a day of working from home without a nap or a gigantic cup of coffee, then indulge in some strength training as it can keep you energetic.

Also, according to a study published in the journal of Advances in Preventive Medicine, if the elderly in your home are dealing with sleep apnea (a sleeping disorder) then you must convince them to do some simple yet effective strength exercises.

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