4 Genius Ways To Stick To Your Fitness Goals In 2023


1. Keep healthy alternatives ready for ‘Netflix and chill’ time: This one’s tried and tested, ladies. Chop potato into thin, round slices, brush them with a few drops of olive oil, and put them in the air fryer for five minutes. You’ll get the goodness of potassium from the cripsy potatoes minus the pain of additional fat from deep frying.

Just make little changes in your snacking choices and enjoy the benefits of health and cozy entertainment. 

Once you’ve successfully replaced the fries, get on to replacing the buttered popcorn. Simply cook the corn kernels in a pressure cooker, avoiding any addition of salt and butter. You can also opt for roasting some makhanas in a pan or the air fryer. Enjoy the crunchy snack while watching your favourite movie. Additionally, replacing momos and pasta with home-made snacks like homemade idlis, poha, and chapati tacos can help you a great deal as well.

2. Add adventure to your quality-time: Surely, nothing beats the happiness of simply cozying up in a quilt and watching television with your partner with some comfort food along with love to share. But won’t this lose its charm if that’s all you two do?

How about going for a long drive and having a non-sweetened paan instead of a plate of kebabs? Paan leaves are rich in calcium and aid digestion. You can even try activities like paintballing, indoor rock climbing, swimming, cycling, a push-up competition, or some in-room dancing with your partner for a change. Trust me, it works like magic and you will have no time to think about food.

3. Mark the limits clearly: Communication can solve some of the biggest problems in the world. Then, what makes you think it can’t solve the eating-habits disparity between you and your love? Speak up and tell him politely about your healthy-eating goals and he will understand. Come on, ladies, the guy loves you enough to be supportive and not tempt you with food.

4. Be an inspiration: Actions speak louder than words. So, nothing is better than showing your willpower for once and not giving in to the tempting food that your partner orders every once in a while. You can have a meal together but on different plates and different portions.

Enjoy that pasta with him, but have controlled portions of it. Let him order a burger but settle for a plate of salad on that dinner date. Gradually, he will understand that you are conscious about your health and will definitely respect you for it. And who knows, watching you practice self-control might just inspire him to get conscious about his eating habits too!

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