4 Foods You Should Stay Away From To Avoid Wrinkles And Acne In 2023

1. Refined carbs

We already know all the junk food that we OD on has no nutritional value, and promotes bad bacteria in your gut. Yes, it’s true. All the sugar that is present in these foods accelerates the production of the bad bacteria, and kills the good bacteria. When there is overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut, it gives rise to several digestive conditions. That then shows up in the form of skin breakouts. If you’ve been binging on foods that are high in refined carbs, swap them with probiotic foods to replenish the good bacteria. Your skin will thank you!

2. Dairy

You might love your dairy, and just the thought of giving up on it might seem scary, but ladies you must! That’s because dairy increases inflammation and can aggravate existing skin conditions, such as acne, rashes, and even eczema.

Lately, dairy has been filled with growth hormones and antibiotics. Unfortunately, these hormones come in the way of your natural hormones. When there is excess production of oestrogen, it causes hormonal cystic acne.

What’s more, if you are lactose-intolerant, then you must remove dairy from your life as soon as you can. That’s because it will cause digestive trouble, and you know it eventually shows up on your skin.

If you don’t want to put dairy out of your sight, then go for alternatives like unsweetened nut milk like almond or coconut milk. They are lactose-free and won’t harm your skin in any way!

3. Wheat

Sounds odd, right? But it’s true—the wheat that you eat today is said to have a chemical that causes several health problems. Research suggests that dwarf wheat (yes that’s what it’s called) is a genetically engineered version of wheat that is loaded with gluten and phytic acid, which is pretty hard to digest. And when the gut isn’t in the right shape, it obviously wreaks havoc on your skin!

You can replace wheat with amaranth, buckwheat, brown rice or quinoa, all of which contains vitamins and minerals that help promote good skin. In fact, these grains also have a low glycemic index and do not impact your blood sugar levels.

4. Alcohol

You may think drinking a glass of wine every day is relaxing, but your skin does not. Although red wine is a good source of antioxidants, it doesn’t really help when you have acne. What’s more, it can also promote ageing. Why may you ask? That’s because alcohol contains sugar, which raises blood sugar levels and depletes collagen. It also causes dehydration and that means you could end up with dark circles around your eyes!

Alcohol affects skin

So ladies, now that you all know about the foods to avoid, it’s time to take slow and steady steps to good skin!

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