4 Exercises For Flat Belly You Need To Add To Your Core Workouts(2023)

1. High knees

Whenever you run through any standing abs video you will find high knees to be there. You know why? That’s because it is one of the best cardio that works on your core simultaneously.

High knee is a fat killer.
After every set of your abs exercise, you can do 100 high knees from each leg and then move on to the next exercise.
2. Virtual skips

If you want to take it slow then there is nothing better than skipping. Those of you who don’t have a skipping robe can totally do it virtually. Set the timer at one minute and as soon as you end that set, stand up and start skipping.

3. Skater

This one works amazingly well on your oblique muscles so if you are really troubled by those love handles then go for it. Fifty skaters on each side are enough.

4. Jumping jacks

After skipping, this is another exercise that is great for beginners to work on their core muscles. Just ensure to keep your core flexed and then do at least 50 jumping jacks in full swing.

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