4 Exercise To Perform If You Wake Up With Back Pain(2023)


1. Release your upper back

To perform this exercise you need to kneel beside your bed and bend forward so that your elbows are on the bed. Make sure your forehead is touching the mattress. Stay in this position for at least 60 seconds, so that you feel the stretch in your upper back.

2. Spinal Twists

Lie down on your bed and stretch your arms sidewards. Bend your knees and twist them, from below the waist, to your right and then left. Make sure your upper body remains in the same position. Do this 20 times to release the tension in your lower back.

3. Cat Cow

This is a very famous yoga exercise known as Marjaryasana in Sanskrit. This exercise will help if you have stiff or sore muscles. To perform this exercise, get on all fours and balance your weight equally. Inhale as you look up and drop your belly down. Then exhale as you look down and arch your back. Do this 10 times in succession, but be very gentle with your movements.

Perform this exercise to get rid of a stiff back.

4. Child’s Pose

This is a yoga pose also known as balasana. This pose helps with the strengthening of your spine. Push back from a kneeling position as you set your hips on your ankles. Stretch your spine forward with your arms in front of you. Hold this pose for at least 60 seconds.

Stretch your spine with the child’s pose! 

Follow this routine, step-by-step, every time you wake up with a stiff back in the morning. “Remember to follow your natural range of motion and never to over extend, especially in the morning. Talk to your doctor if you have chronic pain or a low back injury,” advises Mankirat.


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