4 Cardio Exercises You Need To Carry Out To Burn Calories(2023)

Here are 4 cardio exercises that you need to perform back-to-back to burn calories faster than ever:

  1. Kick-backs and knee highs

    We are going to start a little slow. The first cardio exercise comprises two exercises that you have to do alternatively. First, you will do kickbacks, one with each leg and next, you will do high knees, starting with each leg. This is one rep; so keep alternating. Do this for a minute and switch to the next one.

    High knees along with kickbacks are the way to lose weight.
  2. Jumping jacks squats

    Now it’s time to take your heart rate a notch higher with jumping jacks squats. Open your legs wide, a little more than shoulder-width, get into the squat position with hands wide open laterally, (on sides), and then with a jump, bring your legs in and your hands above your head. Now repeat.

    Here’s a crucial tip: don’t pace it up way too much because you will lose your posture, and the whole effort will go in vain. Do this for a minute. Time for exercise three.

    Keep jumping, keep losing.
  3. Alternate lunges

    Now you decide whether you want to alternate the lunges with a hop or you want to do this, without it. Whatever you do, just remember your form needs to be intact and you don’t have to take all the time to alternate your legs. Do this for a minute. And now, the last one.

    Turn to HIIT exercises for fitness!
  4. On-the-spot running

    Here is where you have to speed up, friend. Stand in a comfortable position and run on the spot. Bring that leg as high as you can and pace the move. The faster, the better. Don’t lose your stride here, because this is going to be a make or break. Do this for a minute.

Take a minute’s break, sip on some water, and get ready for round two of the same circuit. You need to repeat this cardio circuit four times. Trust us, just keep doing this circuit for a month and see what you have been missing out on.

Phew! All sweaty, haan? Told ya, it’s going to be one hell of a HIIT circuit. So now whenever the clock is ticking and you have a few minutes to go, get into the groove with this session and you are good to go.

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