4 Benefits Of Doing Toe Touch Regularly(2023)

Learn the right way of bending forward to touch toes with Ms Pinisetti

Just like any other yoga pose or exercise,  you need to do a toe touch properly to avoid cramps and muscle spasms. So, learn it carefully.

In the simple forward bend padahastasana, the line of tensional resistance in the back of the body is lined up through the feet, and muscles of the spine. Almost anyone can experience restriction in the hamstrings.But there is something more subtle going on. When we stand, our legs have to engage in some degree or another to keep us upright. This means, the hamstrings and calf muscles ( both stretched in forward bends) are also slightly engaged for balance. This is a delicate balancing act.

Four benefits of doing toe touch  regularly

1. This pose stretches the hamstrings, and increases flexibility in the hip joints.

2. It massages the entire abdominal and pelvic region, including the liver pancreas, spleen, kidney and adrenal glands.

3. It helps to remove the excess weight in this area, and stimulates circulation to the nerves and muscles of the spine.

4. Forward bends are soothing and calming for the mind.

So ladies, take this challenge and master the art of touching your toes, because it is totally worth it.

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