4 Bad Behaviors You Must Avoid(2023)

4 Bad Behavior Habits to Avoid

If you see yourself plagued by anything on this list of bad behaviors, begin the work of turning your bad behavior into positive, relationship-building new habits.

Within this list, you’ll find plenty of specific bad behavior examples you may recognize in yourself. If so, read on to learn how to turn these around into new, positive behaviors.

1. Guilt Tripping

The guilt tripper uses not-so-subtle strategies to let others know they aren’t happy about something. When things don’t go their way, the guilt-tripper will say or do things to try to make others feel bad about their choices or actions.

Rather than speaking plainly about a desire or disappointment, or just letting it go, the guilt tripper wants others to suffer right along with him/her.

New positive behavior: Learn to accept that not everything will go your way. Other people are entitled to make choices that you may not like. Ask for what you want, express your needs kindly, and accept disappointments graciously.

2. Acting Holier Than Thou

“Holier than thou” behavior manifests as the need to be right all the time, the need to have the last word, and the need to feel more important or intelligent than others.

This person feels they know best and must let others in on their superiority. The behavior is frequently a cover for insecurity.

New positive behavior: Recognize that humility combined with mature self-confidence is highly attractive. No one wants to feel “less than” or inferior, regardless of their background, income, or station in life. Every person has something valuable to contribute, so seek first to learn from others.

3. Having Temper Tantrums

What are examples of bad behavior? Pouting, withdrawal, belligerence, and passive, aggressive behaviour are all examples of an adult temper tantrum.

We all get angry and hurt,but there are healthy,adult ways of expressing anger that don’t undermine relationships.

When our kids are little and have temper tantrums, we tell them to “use your words.” We all need to use our words rather than reverting to childish behaviors to express our feelings.

New positive behavior: Recognize anger and frustration when they arise and work to identify the source. Often it is much deeper than the issue at hand. Take a deep breath and talk calmly  about the feelings under the anger. Step back from interactions until you can control your feelings and speak calmly.

4. Using Manipulation

Many of the behaviors listed involve manipulation, but a manipulator pro will take it to new levels. They will use intelligence, wit, charm, or other skills to get people conform to their will.

It may take months or years for those close to the manipulator to realize what’s happening. Sometimes the manipulator doesn’t consciously realize what they are doing  is wrong or underhanded. They simply see the behavior as a normal means to an end.

New positive behavior: This one is tricky because it involves a fairly sophisticated level of self-awareness. It begins by embracing an honest respect for those around you — acknowledging that most people have inner wisdom and should not be led down a path that isn’t right for them, even if they do so willingly at first

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