4 Back Stretches To Reduce Fat(2023)

Here are four effective yoga stretches to reduce back bulge:    

Stretch 1 – Marjariasana

“It is an excellent stretch to warm up and decompress the spine. Repeat it 10 times and focus on the spinal release from the tailbone all the way to the neck, inhaling as the chest expands and exhaling while looking down and pressing away,” suggests Yoga expert Alisha Netalkar from Yogaland India.

Just ensure that you control your breath and suck in that stomach as much as you can. 

Stretch 2 – Bhujangasana

This posture helps strengthen the muscles that support the spine and make up the back of the body. You can tone and strengthen the lower and the upper region of the back with the regular practice of Bhujangasana. Repeat it 5 times, inhaling as you lift off the ground and exhaling while getting out of the posture. Once you are comfortable, you can hold the final posture for 5 to 7 breaths.

Stretch your neck and spine while you get that jawline. 

Stretch 3 – Shalabhasana

This is a posture that works on the entire posterior chain of the body. To get into Shalabhasana, lift your body while inhaling and come back to the ground as you exhale. Hold the posture for 5 to 7 breaths to build strength and endurance.

Stretch 4 – Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana helps stretch and strengthen the entire spine. It also works on toning the abdominal muscles and the internal organs. The intensity of the stretch can be altered to suit your comfort level.

“Practice it three times in one sitting. You must inhale as you lift up and exhale when you come back to the ground. You have the option of holding the posture while breathing deeply for as long as it’s comfortable,” recommends Alisha Netalkar.

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