4 Astonishing Health Benefits Of Eating A Low Sodium Diet(2023)


1. It maintains electrolyte balance
To maintain the pH balance of your body and to ensure your muscles function properly, maintaining electrolyte balance is very important. And sodium is one of the main components of this electrolyte.

If muscle cramps often hinder your workout then try low-sodium diet.

According to Dr Shalini Garwin Bliss, HOD–Dietician, Columbia Asia Hospital, if you can maintain your sodium level by not eating too much salt then you stave off dehydration and muscular cramps, while avoiding bloating.

2. It keeps you energized all day long
“A low Sodium diet” will help you maintain your energy levels. High intake of sodium leads to the thickening of arteries due to which your heart rate increases as there is low blood supply. So, you tend to get tired easily. But if you eat a low-sodium diet then your arteries can be saved from the choking, and you feel less fatigued and more energetic,” she explains.

3. Low sodium diets also reduce your risk of stroke
According to Dr Bliss, the main reason for stroke is the blood flow level in the brain. You see, sodium is known to regulate the blood flow in the body–and too much or too little of it can be dangerous for you.

“Do you know if you talk about just salt then 4 to 5 grams of salt contains the right amount of sodium for a healthy person. But we forget that the food we eat otherwise also contain sodium like eggs, seafood, nuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and green leafy vegetables. So we need to be vigilant on our salt intake”, she suggests.

4. It protects your vision
When you eat a low sodium diet then the chances of you getting high blood pressure are very low. High BP is responsible for destroying blood vessels and can even lead to vision loss.

Keep your eyes happy and healthy with a low sodium diet. 

“Eating sodium is a very tricky terrain. You have to keep monitoring your blood pressure levels to ensure that everything is under control. And if you want to lose weight, then keeping salt or sodium intake low is a good idea as it will give you less cravings,” she concludes.

Do you know that according to the WHO, reducing your salt intake has been identified as one of the most cost-effective measures to improve health? So, let’s be a part of the change at least for the sake of our health.

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