4 Amazing Benefits Of Doing Pranayama Everyday(2023)

Here are 4 life-changing benefits of Pranayama:

1. Increase in presence and awareness

We all know or have met a person, who once enters the room, all eyes are fixated on him or her. It may be external beauty but quite often there is more to it. A combination of physical and mental presence, confidence and being completely aware of everything that’s going on in that very moment is achieved through regular Pranayama practice.

Breath awareness through Pranayama helps in supporting and training this kind, mindful and mysterious presence.

2. Increase in mental focus and mental clarity

The practice of Pranayama is meditative, but it keeps the mind distinctively occupied. For a lot of people, it is the entry door to meditation. During the practice, you may tune into the sense that helps in further shaping our mind. It aids in sharpening our mind and increases our ability to focus It also opens the doors to understand our own potential. Mental focus and clarity is one of the benefits of Pranayama.

3. Gives calmness and stability

If you enter a Pranayama session in a hyper-vigilant state, if you are stressed or even exhausted, you will feel the enormous benefit right after the session. The entire nervous system calms and enters a state of rejuvenation and regeneration. Our breath is always with us, and hence we can tune into this calmness at any given point of time. Practicing Pranayama brings a feeling of security, stability and confidence.

Say adieu to health blues with daily Pranayama practice. 

4. Helps in grounding yourself

It happens so often that we are so overburdened with work, that we cannot see past the problem. We are unable to see the bigger picture anymore. You don’t get new ideas and your creative inspiration dives to a complete low point.

A few rounds of prolonged exhalation, grounding into the feet while maintaining the seating position may help. Even tuning into the different prana vayus or simply practicing the coherent breathing can get you back on track. Pranayama instantly brings you back into power and helps you see things as they are.

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