30 Perfect Indoor Stay At Home Date Night Ideas For Couples

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30 Perfect Indoor Stay At Home Date Night Ideas For Couples

Hi guys. Today on relationship talk, we’ll be taking a look at perfect indoor date ideas for couples.

Couples can often find going out for dates to be boring with time. For this reason, it’s good for couples to know that ”at home date night” also exist.

This means there are indoor date night ideas that work at the comfort of your home.

During covid-19 lockdown, most couples had no choice but to hold their dates at home.

Without much ado, let’s take a look at the perfect indoor date ideas for couples.

  1. Movie marathon

When it comes to at-home date ideas at night, you can’t go wrong with a movie marathon. Thanks to Netflix, this is more than possible.

Revive some of your all-time favourite movies experience from the past and grab your favourite snacks.

  1. Have a game night

There are lots of fun that can stand in for date nights at home. Growing up, my family would play a board game all the time. This is ideal for at-home date nights.

Why not have a game night as a couple and enjoy each other’s company?

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  1. Eat take-out by candlelight

This one of the cheapest thing you can do for the kind romantic atmosphere you will get in return. It’s amazing what a little change in the atmosphere can do to transform a normal night into something special.

Sure, you do eat take-out all the time in front of the TV. However, these time around, put a cloth on the table, light some candles, turn on some jazzy tunes, and really take the time to talk.

This whole experience is totally worth it. You will be surprised how rejuvenating and date night-esque the meal will feel.

  1. Make dinner together

Making dinner on a weeknight can be a stressful one. However, cooking when other activities are intentionally blocked, and kids are in bed, can be a whole lot of fun and a good way to reconnect.

It will be more fun if you guys make something you haven’t tried before that’s hands-on in preparation, like sushi or homemade pasta.

If cooking dinner is too involved, or your kids go to bed so late, you’d have trouble holding out for it, whip up a dessert together instead.

  1. At-home spa date night

At-home spa date night could be quite fun and important after a stressful week. It helps you get more intimate and also ease the stress in your muscles.

Take turns giving each other massages and you can end the night with face marks and a bubble bath or shower.

  1. Learn how to cook something new together

Cooking for a couple is always fun. It can either go really good or really bad. Either way, it gives both parties something to either talk about or laugh about.

Isn’t this perfect for an “at-home date night”? I don’t know about you, but I am convinced it is. Why not give it a try.

All you guys need to do is to figure out a new recipe you both want to try and then cook it up.

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  1. Make ice cream sundaes

Making your own ice cream sundaes with your better half is as sweet as the ice cream itself. Come to think of it, who doesn’t love a good ice cream sundae?

Make the ice cream sundaes and take it while you watch a movie or tv show together. This is a great way to spend your perfect indoor date night.

  1. Stargaze together

Stargazing is not meant for lovers in movies only. It’s perfect for an indoor date night. All you need is to lay aside and stargaze. The romantic environment produced is second to none.

This is super old fashion and cheesy but it’s worth it for an at-home date night.

  1. Create TikTok videos

We all know how hilarious it can be creating TikTok videos. This is ideal for a perfect indoor date night. You get to do weird, hilarious and romantic things.

I don’t know if your partner is feeling spontaneous but get goofy and make TikTok videos together. Who knows, you might go viral.

  1. Create a blanket/pillow fort and get cosy

This is the time where you guys become all childish again. It an “at-home date night right?” So, it’s ok to be childish.

Spend the night creating a blanket/pillow fort and then get cosy! You can binge-watch movies in a new fun way.

  1. Give each other massages

This is similar to the at-home spa date night. Unlike, spa night this focuses only on massages.

  1. Play the newlywed game

This is going to be one hell of a fun for a perfect indoor date night. It helps the couple to see how much they don’t actually know about each other.

Try this and thank me later.

  1. Go camping in your backyard

This is more like camping or a picnic for your perfect date night. Unlike other forms of camping, this is done in your backyard and you will be with only your better half.

If you are an adventurous couple, then a camping night out in your backyard is perfect for an at-home night date. You can even start a fire and roast up some marshmallows for smores.

  1. Have a bonfire

This is almost similar to the previous perfect at-home date idea. However, this is strictly a bonfire night at the back of your house.

This will help bring back memories of your college days and might help you relieve your college days experience with your partner.

  1. Play a strip game (strip poker, strip Jenga, strip Uno)

If you are looking for an at-home date night idea to spice up your relationship, then play a strip game. You can do this with poker, Jenga, Uno and more.

  1. Play a drinking game

This can really help to improve bedroom activities later, trust me. Game rules are simple, loser drink. This is a whole lot of fun.

Nothing like a night where you just unwind together. What better way to do so than with a drinking game.

  1. Hold a dance party

If you are really bored, blast music and have a dance party. Seriously, let loose. Sometimes the best way to spend your date night is to just get up and dance together. Live in the moment. It’s okay to get a little goofy when you’re bored.

  1. Ask each other questions

This is a great way to get to know each other better. There are tons of “questions for couples” books and card decks out there. However, there are also some that are not specifically couple-focused, but simply offer fun conversation starters for everybody.

This makes couples get into some deep conversations that will make their night wonderful. If you feel you and your wife haven’t really talked in a long time, and have trouble discussing anything other than work or you kids, having to ask each other questions for at-home date nights will be perfect for both parties.

  1. Do a puzzle together

The fun of this is that you are both on the same side. The side of solving the riddle. Like playing a board game, doing a puzzle together is a nice relaxing activity that helps you chill out and have a good conversation.

  1. Watch a movie outside

This is quite different from point number 1. Mix up your usual routine of parking yourself on the couch in front of the TV, by bringing your movie watching outside.

Set up a sheet, projector, and some chairs, bring out some snacks and drinks and enjoy a fresh air flick.

  1. Turn your bedroom into a fancy hotel room

Staying at a fancy hotel always feels luxurious. While the cost of that can be on the high side, turning your bedroom into a fancy hotel room for a date night is not.

You can turn your bedroom into a fancy hotel room for ultra-luxury and romantic stay at home date idea.

So many other at-home date night ideas will be implemented in this. These indoor date night ideas include game night, movie marathon, party in the bedroom etc.

To crown it all, you get to do what you do best in the bedroom after everything.

  1. Have a karaoke night

The whole idea of the perfect at-home indoor date night is for couples to have fun. This is going to be one hell of a fun for an at-home date night.

Karaoke is one of the most fun at-home dates! Sing your hearts together to all your favourite song. You can look up karaoke version of songs on youtube to know how to go about it to get that lovely at-home date night you want.

All both parties need to do is to just sing your hearts out. This stay at home date idea is a great endorphin booster too which is always great for your relationship.

  1. Write love letters to each other

Bring back the old teenage way of expressing love in the college days by writing each other love letter. It’s also fun to see how romantic your partner is when it comes to written words.

You can share them right away or pick a predetermined date to open them. Receiving a personal letter of any kind these days is rare. Making it a perfect idea for indoor at-home date night.

Also, it can feel really nice to have love professed to you in writing. This at-home date idea is perfect.

  1. Have a fun fight

When was the last time getting into a fight was a good thing? Well, wouldn’t you want to get into a fun fight with your significant other?

It’s a fun date with this feisty and fun at-home date idea. Plus, dates like this help to boost your adrenaline and dopamine which mimic the feeling of falling in love.

Having a fun fight for a perfect stay at home indoor date night idea can help give you butterflies all over again.

These fights include water gun fight, whipped cream fight, pillow fight, food fight etc.

  1. Have a theme night

Choose a theme and centre everything you do in the indoor at-home date night around it.

For example, if you choose a Spanish theme, you can decide to eat Paella Valenciana while playing songs like Despacito. Also, you could decide to watch the series La Casa de Papel, “The House of paper” popularly known as money heist.

This is ideal for a perfect indoor at-home date night. Some other fun theme ideas include Mexican, Italian, Asian, Christmas, Kid’s themes, the 70’s etc.

  1. Have a Fondue Night

Don’t have a fondue machine? No worries! You can melt chocolate or other dipping sauces in a slow cooker or even on your stovetop.

This is fun and a nice idea for a perfect indoor at-home date night.

  1. Have a snowy night party (winter time)

Sneak outside when it dark already (make sure your kids are asleep if you have kids). Build a snowman together or have a snowball fight.

Come back inside when it gets too cold, make hot cocoa and warm up under some big blankets. Then, have fun under the blanket.

  1. Play hide and seek

If this isn’t fun for an at-home date night, then I have no idea what fun is. Get to play like children and laugh all the way as you play hide and seek.

Yep, it’s silly but sometimes silly is what your relationship needs. To add more spice to your relationship, play naked.

  1. Shot a short movie together

Don’t you just love the sound of that? Use your smartphone and create a short film together.

There are so many possibilities of short movies you can short for a perfect indoor at-home date night. You could do a stop motion with your kids’ toys, film a puppet show, or take videos of your pets.

Feel free to make a debut of your work to your kids in the morning or share online with your friends.

  1. Go through old pictures

This is ideal for an at-home date night. You get to see how far you guys have gone together.

For this at-home date night idea, I’ll advise you dig out the scrapbooks and photo boxes or flip through your digital images for a trip down memory lane.

If the home lacks a wedding album, framed pictures, photo books of your kids, now’s a great time to take on the project and reminisce about the good times at the same time.



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