30 Couple Questions To Ask Your Partner To Know How Well They Have Known You(2023)

We’ve curated a list of couples’ trivia questions that can enhance your connection and make for a fun time together.

Taking a “quiz” may sound intimidating, but the point isn’t to test one another.

Instead, these questions are designed to be fun, enlightening, and strengthen your bond.

Couples Question Quiz, Multiple Choice

Let’s get started with some icebreaker fun with these multiple-choice couple quiz questions.

Note: If the correct answer isn’t one of the options we’ve listed, substitute the correct answer. Be sure to randomly place the correct answer in the A, B, or C position.

1. What was the first meal we cooked together?

A. Spaghetti Bolognese

B. Omelets

C. Steak and potatoes

2. Which band or musician have we seen live in concert together?

A. Ed Sheeran

B. Coldplay

C. Maroon 5

3. What is my favorite comfort food?

A. Pizza

B. Ice cream

C. Chips and salsa

4. What city did we take our first vacation together to?

A. Paris

B. Rome

C. London

5. What activity do I love that my partner refuses to try?

A. Bungee jumping

B. Parasailing

C. Skydiving

6. What TV series have we binge-watched together in bed?

A. Game of Thrones

B. Breaking Bad

C. The Office

7. What was the first gift I ever gave my partner?

A. Watch

B. Framed photo

C. Gift card

8. What food does my partner hate that I could eat every day?

A. Mushrooms

B. Olives

C. Bell peppers

9. What was the color of the shirt I was wearing on our first date?

A. Red

B. Blue

C. Black

10. What outdoor activity do we enjoy doing as a couple?

A. Hiking

B. Cycling

C. Kayaking

11. What was the first movie we saw in theaters together?

A. A romantic comedy

B. A superhero movie

C. A horror movie

12. What is my partner’s favorite dessert?

A. Chocolate cake

B. Cheesecake

C. Cookies

13. What celebrity couple would we choose for a double date?

A. Barack and Michelle Obama

B. Beyonce and Jay-Z

C. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

14. Which of my personality traits does my partner find most endearing?

A. Sense of humor

B. Compassion

C. Adventurousness

15. What did my partner want to be when they grew up?

A. Doctor

B. Teacher

C. Astronaut

16. What is one item on my partner’s bucket list?

A. Go skydiving

B. Visit all 7 continents

C. Learn to play guitar

17. What bad habit annoys my partner the most?

A. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink

B. Biting nails

C. Grinding teeth at night

18. What topic could we debate about for hours?

A. The existence of aliens

B. The best superhero

C. The meaning of life

19. If my partner could have an unlimited supply of one food, what would they choose?

A. Sushi

B. Pizza

C. Chocolate

20. What embarrassing story do I tell over and over about my partner?

A. Falling asleep at a party

B. Forgetting their lines in a play

C. Tripping in public

21. What city would we like to retire in someday?

A. New York City

B. Miami Beach

C. Nashville

22. What was my partner’s first impression of me?

A. Funny and charming

B. Intelligent but reserved

C. Laid-back and approachable

23. What song reminds my partner of our relationship?

A. “Your Song” by Elton John

B. “At Last” by Etta James

C. “Lucky” by Jason Mraz

24. What food am I surprisingly good at making?

A. Chili

B. Pancakes

C. Pasta carbonara

25. What animal best represents my personality, according to my partner?

A. Dog

B. Owl

C. Dolphin

26. What tech gadget could my partner not live without?

A. Smartphone

B. Laptop

C. Tablet

27. What was my partner’s dream job as a child?

A. Doctor

B. Firefighter

C. Astronaut

28. What reality TV show do we secretly enjoy watching together?

A. The Bachelor

B. Survivor

C. The Amazing Race

29. What cuisine do I love that my partner just doesn’t care for?

A. Indian

B. Thai

C. Ethiopian

30. What comedy movie have we seen together more than 5 times?

A. Bridesmaids

B. The Hangover

C. Step Brothers

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