3 Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Upper Body In 2023


Well, all that you need to do is practice these 4 yoga poses to build upper body strength:  

1. Shoulder tap

It might seem easy but requires overall body strength. Shoulder tap works on your chest, core, arms, and legs. Perform at least 10 shoulder taps on each side to see results.

2. Upward and downward-facing dog

This is an extremely dynamic yoga pose. The best part is that it works on the HIIT principle. Not only will it help you burn those calories, but it will also improve your muscle endurance. Follow yoga enthusiast Mrinali’s directions and perform a minimum of 10 repetitions of it.

3. Commandos

Arms,Chest,abs and your back – the commando move works on it all. What’s more, it also helps in improving your stamina and focus. To achieve some great results, do at least 10 repetitions of commando.

4. Crane pose

This asana is only for those who have spent a considerable amount of time practicing yoga. Beginners are strictly advised to refrain from it because it requires guided practice. Crane pose is great for those who are looking for strong and toned arms. Do at least 10 repetitions of the crane pose.

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