3 Yoga Asanas To Cool Down Your Body(2023)

Try these 3 asanas to cool down your body:

1. Pigeon pose

Pigeon pose impacts the whole body, right from your hamstring to your back. It stretches all your muscles if performed in the right manner. In fact, this pose will stretch and open hip muscles and boost flexibility all over the body. All in all, it is the best pose to nurture tired muscles, calm your mind and increase flexibility and mobility.

Here’s how to perform this asana:

* Sit on the ground. Bring your right leg forward in front of your body and keep it at 90-degree angle.
* Extend your left leg backward, keep it straight out in line with your hip, lengthening your inner thigh and foot facing down and your toes pointing back.
* Do not forget to lengthen your spine before extending over the front leg (right one).
* Exhale and lean forward and rest your head on the ground or back of your hand, shifting your weight. Use your arms to support your weight if needed.
* Hold the pose for 1 min and repeat on the other side.

2. Cat cow pose (Marjariasana)

Cat cow pose is an integral point of many yoga warm up sequences because it helps to boost energy and release stiffness. Moreover, if you perform it at the end of your workout, it will cool down all your major muscles, especially around the back and shoulders. You can also perform it if you want to shed some extra kilos from belly fat.

Relieve your tight muscles with this asanas. 

Here’s how to perform this asana:

* Get on your all fours, knees and hands, on the ground.
* Align your hands/wrists underneath your shoulders and knees under hips, toes are pointing backward.
* Inhale and look up, dropping your abdomen down toward the ground while extending your spine.
* Now, exhale and drop your head down, arching your spine towards the ceiling and dropping your chin into your chest.
* Continue this movement for at least one minute or repeat this pose 15-20 times.

Tip: Inhale as you look up and exhale as you look down.

3. Tree pose (Vrikshasana)

If you find it difficult to strike the right balance in life, try tree pose aka vrikshasana. This pose is known to improve the balance between your mind and body. Moreover, it helps to rejuvenate and boost energy in your legs, back, and arms. It relaxes the muscles and releases stiffness.

Get your balance right. 

Here’s how to perform this asana:

* Stand straight and take a samasthiti position. Chin slightly lift up and keep your core a little tight.
* Now, slightly bend and lift the right leg up and place the right foot on your inner left thigh.
* Make sure your left leg is straight and balanced.
* Don’t forget to keep your back straight otherwise you’ll not be able to balance the pose.
* Slowly extend your arms upward in a namaskar position at your heart chakra.
* Now, take 5-10 breaths keeping yourself calm and still.
* Switch your legs’ position. This time with your left leg going up to the right thigh.
* Repeat.

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