3 Super Healthy And Super-Fun Modern Day Version Of Yoga(2023)


So, here are 3 super-healthy and super fun modern-day versions of yoga that can keep you motivated to practice yoga and get a healthy body of your dreams:

1. Family yoga
The modern-day hectic life leaves us with little or no time for our loved ones or our own selves for that matter. However, the all-new trend of family yoga classes can solve both the issues together by allowing you to spend time with your family while working towards your own health.

This unique and healthy bonding experience is worth a try for sure.

2. Toe yoga
Yoga for the face has been on top of the chart for many years for its ability to give you a sculpted face and prevent signs of ageing. However, toe yoga is the way to go this year—especially if you’re a beginner at yoga.

This trend that involves stretching out the toes in different ways can be practiced in the comfort of your home with the help of instructive videos or a yoga instructor.

Plus, it can give your stressed and closed toes some much-needed relief, blood flow, and help you gain balance while warming you up to perform other yoga poses with ease.

Yoga can do wonders for almost all problems! 

3. Yoga HIIT
First there was power yoga that involved a more rigorous and intense form of yoga for weight loss, then yoga was combined with pilates (yogalates) for better stretching and flexibility, and now there’s yoga HIIT for the combined benefits of high intensity interval training and yoga.

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