3 Simple Yoga Poses To Get A Perky Butt In No Time(2023)

1. Donkey kicks

Donkey kicks are not just great to relax your tired glute muscles, but this pose will also help you get a tighter butt. Just do 10 reps of donkey kicks with each leg, and don’t forget to kick as high as possible.

2. One leg raised glute bridge

Doing bridge exercises along with your core works wonderfully well, when it comes to your glutes. That’s because your entire body weight is held by your glute muscles. And that helps with maximum contraction, so you get a super toned butt. You need to do at least 10 reps with each leg.

3. Clam

Clam is a great kegel exercise. It helps to open and tone your posterior muscle. Plus, it also works out your inner thighs. To see promising results, do at least 10 reps on each side. Once you feel you can flex more, increase the number of reps

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