3 Science-Backed Crazy Ways That Will Help You Burn Calories And Lose Weight In 2023

Science-Backed Crazy Ways That Will Help You Burn Calories And Lose Weight

1. A vacation in icy-cold lands
Living in cold conditions-then be it Antarctica or frozen Manali during winter months-can help you shed that extra weight off. That is of course, if you manage to keep your hands off the piping-hot Maggie bowls, hot chocolate, and gajar ka halwa.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, exposure to colder temperatures can boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories by activating the brown-fat deposits in your body. This type of fat is responsible for maintaining your body heat. And obviously at a colder temperature, your body needs to burn more of it to keep you warm.

2. Or simply drink cold water
If your budget and tight schedule leaves you with no option but to ignore the vacay suggestion, then you can try this one at home, especially now that summer is here.

Stay hydrated. .

Several studies including the one published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, have proven cold water to be quite a calorie burner as drinking it can make the body work extra hard to warm up the water to match your body temperature.

3. Binge watch a comedy show
Whether it’s a hilarious epitosle of friends, a masala comedy flick, or simply our desi Kapil Sharma tickling your laughter bone–whatever makes you laugh can also make you burn more calories and thus, help you lose weight.

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