3 Reasons You Should Never Give Up On Someone You Love

We are all products of love. It remains one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Sadly, the beautiful term (love) is often abused these days. But no matter what happens, never give up on someone you love. 

One way or the other, you must have had a heartbreak in the past. From your girlfriend who left you to marry a rich man, to the guy who impregnated you without taking responsibility, and the one who had sex with you and never called back. Heartbreaks stories never end. 

But I want you to know that there’s still true love somewhere. It may be rare, yet you can always find someone who loves you genuinely. The person may not be perfect, but never give up on them. It’s a mistake many people still regret till date. 

Every genuine and real relationship is never perfect. Don’t be deceived by the mirage image of happiness people post on social media about their relationships. Trust me, the course of true love never runs smoothly. 

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Now don’t forget that you may be in a relationship but not in love. Perhaps, that’s why there are so many breakups and divorces these days. 

But some people are lucky enough to find their soulmate. I mean someone they want to be with forever. Always bear in mind that your soulmate may not be perfect, but he/she is special.

The person who happens to be your soulmate may have shortcomings but always consider his/her kindness and loyalty. It pains me when I see people walk away from the people they love because of a little misunderstanding. 

What Happens When You Never Give Up On Someone You Love

The world of love is full of mystery. There are instances when people are madly in love with each other, but they can’t be together. Also, some may be together but don’t love themselves. 

Again, someone may have a partner who loves him or her endlessly, but will never value them. You see, the list is endless. 

Let me share a real-life story of a young man who didn’t give up on someone he loves. The story is interesting; I hope you enjoy it. 

It happens somewhere in Nigeria. A young man (Ifeanyi) was passionately in love with a beautiful, charming lady (Natasha). The first time Ifeanyi saw Natasha, he fell in love with her at first sight. 

He immediately knew Natasha could give him the type of marriage life he craves. However, Ifeanyi was a broke a*s Nigga who was still unemployed as at the time he met this beautiful jewel. In fact, he was a private school teacher whose monthly salary was 18000 NGN monthly. 

The young man admired Natasha for a while before he finally opened up to her that she’s in love. Like every other Nigerian man in love, he tried to let this lady know how much he cares about her. That he knew things weren’t too cool with him now, but the future is bright for him. 

Natasha listens to him as he passionately told her how much he loves her. Unfortunately, she didn’t feel the same way. She blatantly said to him that she wasn’t in love with him. Natasha said she loved him as a friend but can’t be in a relationship with him. Her reason was that the guy was broke and can’t take care of her. 

Off course, Ifeanyi was heartbroken. But the story didn’t end here…

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What Happened 10 Years Later

Even though Ifeanyi still had feelings for the Natasha, he moved on with his life. Natasha was busy enjoying life, rolling with big boys and wasn’t thinking about settling down anytime soon. 

Few years after Natasha declined Ifeanyi’s proposal, he got a job with an oil and gas company in Port Harcourt. He became wealthy and built his house in a good location in Port Harcourt city. 

During this time, Natasha was still single and desperate for marriage. All her friends were married with kids, but no man was coming her way. At this time, she was already 37 years old and frustrated. 

One fateful afternoon, Natasha went to the mall to get some groceries for herself. Guess what happened? She bumped into Ifeanyi. Nothing has changed about him except he is more handsome and looking good. 

They had a brief conversation, and Ifeanyi told her that he’s still a teacher (he didn’t tell her about his job). But he said to her that he still loves her. Without much ado, they started dating. 

After dating for a few months, Ifeanyi proposed to Natasha and still didn’t tell her about his job. When he’s with her, he disguised as a poor man, not knowing that he even has his own house in PHC. 

Few months after the engagement, they got married. A week after their wedding, Ifeanyi took Natasha to his house. He told her that he wasn’t the poor private teacher she used to know. That he now works with an oil and gas company. She regretted ever turning the guy down and appreciate him for not giving up on him. 

No matter how things turn out in your relationship, never give up on someone you love. Learn from Ifeanyi and Natasha’s story. 

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3 Reasons You Should Never Give Up On Someone You Love

never give up on someone you love

#1. Nobody Is Perfect

Everybody is like a moon that has a dark part. Your significant other isn’t perfect and don’t expect too much from him/her. The person may have habits you don’t like. But also think of the excellent attributes the person has. Loyalty, kindness, and caring are enough for you to never give up on someone you love. 

#2. The Course Of True Love Doesn’t Run Smoothly

True love doesn’t happen overnight. It takes two people who are ready to be together after every fight, quarrel, and misunderstanding. Furthermore, these people often value the relationship more than their ego. 

You and your partner may be in love, yet don’t agree on specific issues. Both of you must take proactive steps to reach a compromise and make the relationship work. You shouldn’t just walk away from a relationship or marriage because of minor misunderstandings that can quickly be sorted out. 

Always remember that you and your partner have two different background and upbringing. It will take a while for things to blend naturally. If you try to force things, it will only make issues worse. So, never give up on someone you love because of your ego. You may live to regret it. 

#3. You Can Be A Positive Influence On Them

Whether your partner is into womanizing, alcoholism, clubbing, etc., try to be a positive influence instead of giving up on them. I know this could be a daunting task. But it isn’t impossible. 

Be calm about it and try to talk to the inner consciousness of such a person. He may not change immediately, but he will turn a new leaf in no time. 

Don’t forget that you can only change someone willing to change. Otherwise, you may end up hurting yourself. Don’t try to change other people at the detriment of yourself. Just do your part and allow them to do the rest. But no matter what, never give up on someone you love. 

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