3 Power Yoga For Weight Loss(2023)


Here are five that you can start your power yoga practice with:

1. Chaturanga dandasana or plank pose 

    • Start with balasana (child’s pose) with arms extended forward.
    • Lift your hips up so that your shoulders come in a straight line with your palms, and your knees are placed below the pelvic bone.
    • Look down, but the back of your neck and head should be parallel to the ground.
      Make sure that your shoulders are pushed away from your ears and your tailbone is tucked in with the contraction of abdominal muscles.
    • Now without changing the position of the upper body, stretch your right leg back, followed by your left leg, and tuck in your toes.
    • Your body should be in a straight line starting from your shoulders till your heels.
    • Now challenge your body strength by bending your arms at the elbows keeping your body in a straight line. The trick is to push your body weight forward and turn your elbows closer towards the torso.
    • The body should be two inches above the floor. Hold the pose for at least 10 seconds with normal breathing.

2. Vashishthasana or side plank pose

  • Start with a full plank pose.
  • Now place the right palm in line with your right foot by coming on to the right edge of the right foot. Now you will be facing towards the left side of your body in a side plank.
  • Push your right shoulder away from your right ear keeping it in line with your right palm.
  • Place your left foot above your right foot or across depending on your comfort level.
  • Extend your heels as much as possible and lift your hips up by contracting the external obliques on the right side of the torso.
  • Your body should be in a straight line from your head to heels.
  • Hold the pose with normal breathing for at least 10 seconds. Repeat on the other side.3. Ardha pincha mayurasana or dolphin pose
  • Come in ardha-mukha svanasana (downward facing dog).
  • Bend your arms at the elbows by placing your forearms on the mat. Make sure your elbows are placed below your shoulders.
  • Push your shoulders away from your ears and relax your head, but keep it at least an inch above the mat.
  • Keep working on pushing your chest out and heels down. Hold the pose with normal breathing for at least 10 seconds.

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