3 Partner Exercise You Can Try With Your Father(2023)

3 Partner Exercises You Can Try With Your Father

1. Cat Pose

This pose gently massages the spine and increases mobility while stretching the back and neck.

  • To come into the pose begin with sitting on the yoga mat, facing each other.
  • Now come to all fours, with your heads almost touching.
  • Extend your right leg out behind you, flex your foot and look forward.
  • Place your left hand on your dad’s shoulder to counterbalance.
  • Your dad will extend their left leg and put their right hand on your shoulder.
  • Hold the pose for a few breaths and then signal to each other to come out of the pose together.
  • Repeat on the other side.
Follow these exercises with your father. 

2. Seesaw

  • For this, sit in an L position facing your workout partner.
  • You could either press your flexed feet together, or one person could bring their feet inside the other’s legs.
  • Reach forward and take each other’s hands.
  • To begin the seesaw, you can lean back, bringing your father forward. After this, your father will lean back, bringing you forward.
  • Each of you can take turns leaning back and then bending forward to create the seesaw.
  • Try this back-and-forth movement a few times.

3. Warrior pose

This pose stretches your hips, groin and shoulders while helping open your chest and lungs. It builds stamina and concentration.

  • To begin, stand next to each other with your back touching so that one of you is facing forward while the other is facing backwards.
  • Step your left foot back, placing the foot so that it is angled slightly outward.
  • Take your arms up parallel to the ground, bend your front knee, and look forward.
  • Take your right hand to reach for your father’s left hand, while wrapping your left hand back behind you and reaching for your dad’s right hand.
  • Take a few moments in this pose.
  • Then switch sides and repeat the steps.

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