3 Masculinity Rules that Make Sigma Males Outstanding

Have you ever wondered why the sigma males are so outstanding in the manosphere?


I mean, there’s Beta male, Alpha male, Omega male, yet everybody wants to either become a Sigma male or be close to him.


Contrary to what you may think, sigma males are not superhuman. They are men like you with exceptional personality and masculinity traits.


They have developed themselves to live life outside the social dominance hierarchy and walk their path in life.


In today’s article, we discuss the 3 masculinity rules that make sigma males outstanding. 



The foundation of every high-value sigma male is based on the 3 masculinity rules discussed in this article.


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#1. They Learn to Bear the Burden


Sigma males have a knack for handling issues. Regardless of how tense a situation seems, the sigma male will handle it and unconsciously lead everyone out of that situation. 


He may not be the leader, but he often performs leadership roles by providing solutions out of a challenging situation. 


And this comes with a lot of burdens. 


Sigma males are not like Alpha and Omega males that run away from situations. They take ownership and ensure that everything is under control. 


Let’s get this right. Sigma males don’t try to impress people. That is why you won’t see them jumping into other people’s situations trying to be heroes.


But any situation that arises in the sigma male life, they take ownership of it and be in charge to put it under control. 

They will shadow the burden, and handle it with promptness and firmness. 


Sometimes, in the process of handling a situation in their life, sigma males may make mistakes. 


But the lone wolves don’t freak over their mistakes. Rather, they learn from it and apply the wisdom for future purposes. 

#2. They Learn New Things 

Sigma males have an undying passion to learn new things. And this makes them acquire wisdom easily. 


They always spend time alone, reflect on the world around them, try to learn new things, and acquire wisdom. 


Sigma males aren’t scared of uncertainty. When it becomes necessary, they step into the unknown without looking back. 


However the unknown will certainly frighten the common man like the beta male. 


At all times, the lone wolves seek challenges and experiences to better themselves. 


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But What Exactly is the Unknown?


The unknown is that part of human personality that people often shy away from. They keep pushing it aside because it makes them feel uncomfortable. 


I’m referring to those hidden demons inside you that control a lot of people and sometimes prevent them from achieving their personal and professional goals. 


It could be the fear of rejection,


the fear of embarrassment in a group, 


the fear of being abandoned, 


the fear of walking through life alone, 


the fear of poverty, 


the prevalence of insecurity, etc. 


Funny enough, sigma males have some of these demons with. But they always look the demons in the eyes and face them one after the other. 


The lone wolves have a way of controlling their mind whenever some of these demons try to manipulate them. 


And the demons are powerless towards the sigma males because they always remove their fuel. Which is the human thoughts.  


So, one of the masculinity rules that make sigma males so unique is that they always step into the unknown and embrace it. 


And the sigma males’ ability to conquer their own minds makes them the most outstanding men in the manosphere. 


Sigma males sometimes achieve great wisdom by learning from other people’s mistakes. That is why they always read. 

#3. Sigma Males Are Very Decisive 


Sigma males are very decisive. Once they make a decision, they will make it right. 


Even though the sigma males make the wrong decision, they try and make it right. 


Sigma males prefer to make the wrong decision and learn from their mistakes than not making decisions at all. 


Once they make a decision, they learn from their mistakes and are ready for the next. 


With this approach, the sigma males won’t be prone to decision-making anxiety or disrespect. 


The ability to make decisions and take initiative is what separates the sigma males from every other man in the manosphere. 


It makes them successful, rich, renowned, and irresistible to women. 


Don’t get this wrong! I’m not trying to say that Sigma males do not fail. But they NEVER give up. 


The lone wolves believe that being alive gives you a second chance at everything. 


So, regardless of the number of rejections the sigma males get, they NEVER give up. They will keep on trying and trying, and trying until the default answer becomes Yes. 


In a nutshell, sigma males are the advancement of mankind. And because of the initiatives some of the earliest sigma males took that is why we are living in a better world today. 


Sigma males always take control of their everyday lives, they make prompt decisions, they unconsciously take the lead in a group by suggesting and deciding when they can’t. 


Always remember that sigma males are the initiators and deciders for themselves and other people. 


And they follow every decision they take with massive action. 


These are the 3 masculinity rules that make sigma males unique. 


Which of these rules can you relate with? Kindly drop thoughts in the comment section. 


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