3 Major Key Things You Must Look Out For Before Buying Yoga Mat Online In 2023

1. Thickness

The thickness of the mat has to be considered, keeping in mind the type of exercises you plan to perform on it. For example, a standard yoga mat is a thin exercise mat, typically about 0.125 inch. However, a general fitness mat would be slightly thicker, measuring about 0.5 inch, which would help you do dynamic movements such as sit-ups, with some comfort.

2. Size

In case you plan to carry the mat along to the gym, a yoga studio or while travelling, a relatively compact mat, which is easy to fold or roll up is your best pick. However, if you plan on using the mat only at home, then a large mat that covers more space might be a better option, as it will allow for more elaborate and complex movements and forms.

3. Material

A mat’s material is a critical element, as this impacts its overall texture and thickness. In general, yoga mat are made of either vinyl or rubber. Vinyl mats last for a considerable amount of time, while rubber mats, made of jute and cotton, are eco-friendly but provide less comfort, due to reduced sponginess. So, you may take your pick, based on your comfort.

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