3 Healthy Tips To Get Rid Of Visceral Fat From Your Body(2023)

3 Healthy Tips to get rid of visceral fat

A surgery is one of the treatments for morbidly obese patients. But there are other ways also to lose visceral fat.

1. Exercise

Exercise will help to shed visceral fat. Aim for at least 30 minutes of rigorous aerobic exercise every day, suggests Dr Manisegaran.

2. Eat smart

Calcium and vitamin D can help to reduce visceral fat. Go for early morning walks during sunrise. If you have calcium and vitamin D deficiencies, correct them with supplements. Eat leafy green vegetables, spinach and dairy foods like yogurt, cheese and milk. Avoid foods that increase visceral fat, so no deep fried, processed foods, sodas or candies.

3. Sleep well

People who don’t get enough sleep may have a chance of getting additional visceral fat. So, sleep for at least seven hours every night.

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