3 Healthy Tips To Avoid Puffy Eyes(2023)


Do you often wake up with swelling under your eyes and feel concerned if it indicates any trouble for your health? While puffy eyes can be a manifestation of water retention, dehydration, certain allergies or ageing, the condition could also simply mean that you have been putting your eyes under severe strain and not resting them enough. If you are burning the midnight oil over a college project or office presentation, it’s time to take a break and give your eyes some well-deserved rest.

Renowned Yoga Guru Grand Master Akshar says that Yoga could help in making lifestyle modifications in addition to certain yoga asanas that could help improve blood circulation around the eyes.

“Stress, depression, overwork, excess screen time can be blamed for this eye condition. The current situation requires us to stay glued to the screen be it taking online classes or office meetings. Puffy eyes often indicate that your eyes are not well-rested or your lifestyle needs a change,” says Grand Master Akshar.

Having a good sleep routine, apart from a nutritious diet and water intake can help you maintain good eye health. 
Establish a proper sleep routine

One aspect of life that we tend to ignore is the importance of a good sleep. Going to bed late means missing out on hours of restorative sleep that could lead to our body getting stressed over time. Timely sleep and getting up in morning hours is a time-tested way to heal body cells. “If you could follow a proper sleep routine, your eyes are sufficiently rested and rejuvenated,” says the Yoga Guru.

Drink sufficient water, have nutritious diet

Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration which coupled with high salt intake and lack of sleep could make your eyes look puffy. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water can help with the condition. A diet rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants can relieve the oxidative stress in the body. One must consume seasonal fruits and vegetables for best results.

Wash your eyes with cold water

This could help deal with the tiredness in eyes but make sure not to be harsh with your eyes. Gently splash your eyes with water two-three times in a day.

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