3 Facts About Weight Loss You Should Be Aware Of(2023)

Here are three facts about body weight, according to Rujuta

Rujuta conveys to her followers how body weight is often mistaken as a measure of one’s fitness levels, and the concentration of body fat they hold:

1. It is not an indicator of fatness or fitness

While body weight is often used as an indicator of one’s fitness progress, many people confuse it as an indicator of their fatness or overall fitness levels. You must not get discouraged if you don’t see those kilograms coming off of the scale, as a change in body composition is not entirely dependent on body weight.

Your body weight is composed of the weight of your muscles, fat, bone, and water content. Therefore, what you see on the weighing scale is not an accurate picture of your obesity or fitness levels.

2. It fluctuates with the time of the day and with age

It is normal for body weight to fluctuate by a few grams to even kilograms, within the course of a day. This fluctuation is caused by the shift in water content in your body, and the amount of food you consume, from morning to night. Factors that influence this shift range from sweating, respiration, urination, eating timings, and bowel movements. So, you may see your body weight a little lower than it is at night time.

Rujuta explained that your weight might vary according to the time of the day! 

3. It is possible to stay healthy and fit at any body weight

Rujuta emphasises how you can be fit and healthy, regardless of your body weight. The fact of the matter is that your overall health status should be in the green zone, your bodily movement should be functional, and your energy levels should be adequate. A healthy and balanced diet, along with exercise, can help you stay healthy, without worrying about your body weight.

While fluctuations in body weight are normal, in case you notice a steep gain or loss, then it is important to consult a medical professional.

So ladies, as Rujuta said, “don’t let your weight weigh you down.” Check out her post to bust your myths around body weight!

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