3 Face Yoga Exercises For Glowing Skin(2023)

3 face yoga exercises for glowing skin, suggested by Malaika Arora

1. Balloon Pose:

This is an amazing go-to pose for your facial muscles as it helps with blood circulation, Malaika wrote in her Instagram post. This pose can actually change the shape of the face, lift the brows and jawline and sculpts the cheekbones.


* Fill your mouth with air.
* Hold it tight for 10 seconds, hold your breath
* Exhale it and repeat the exercise five times.

2. Face Tapping:

“Tapping gives a flushed, natural glow to the skin as it stimulates blood circulation. It prevents aging and wrinkles,” Malaika posted. This practice enhances the skin’s ability to breathe, improved the flow of the oxygen and soothes wrinkles.

Glass skin can be achieved easily by following these simple steps! 


* Tap on the inner corner of your eyebrow, near the bridge of the nose.
* Tap at the side of either or both eyes at the edge of your face.
* Tap just under the eyes on the cheekbones on one or both sides.
* Tap on the space between the bottom of the nose and the top lip.
* Tap in the crease in the center of the chin.

3. Fish Pose:

The pose stretches the neck region and helps tone the jawline and chin. Also known as the smiling fish face this is an easy and one of the best facial exercises for cheeks and you can do it anywhere. This exercise helps tone and stretch cheek muscles, while reducing flabbiness.

Try this face yoga pose for healthy and nourishing skin! 


* Simply, make a pout with your cheeks.
* Hold it for 10 seconds and then release

Try these facial exercises and see the glow grow overtime!

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