3 Fabulous Fitness Takeaways From Disha Patani(2023)


Here’s a dose of Disha Patani’s fitness motivation for you:

1. Do the super cardio

Disha Patani never neglects the power of cardio which others may think of as a plain Jane workout. Her Instagram feed is loaded with her videos practicing forms of cardio like running and cycling. Cardio can work wonders for skin by increasing blood circulation. Maybe that’s the secret behind Disha’s fresher than a mint look! From benefiting joint health to your brain, cardio workout is one of the best and most popular types of exercises people perform. It can help you shed a few pounds too by advancing your fitness goal.

2. Kickboxing the calories away

A newfound passion for Bollywood beauties, kickboxing can not just burn calories, but also give your physique a toned effect like never before. Disha’s kickboxing videos have garnered the attention of fitness lovers. She is seen blowing a heavy punch, jab and kick in her video like a Ninja. Kickboxing is a full-body workout that can really amp things up by improving agility, upper body strength and flexibility.

3. Strength train like a champ

Breaking the taboo around strength training as a ‘men only’ choice of workout, Disha can lift up pretty heavy weight and our spirits! Through strength training, she believes in availing enhanced endurance and increased metabolic rate. Therefore, this not so delicate B-towner does everything from hip thrusts to deadlifts like a cake walk!

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