3 Easy Exercise That Can Warm You Up Before You Kickoff(2023)

We present to you 3 Easy-peasy exercises that can warm you up in just 5-minutes:

  1. Squats

    If you think squats don’t fall under cardio, you are highly mistaken. You will be shocked to know that squats are a command exercise that helps with weight loss and muscle gain simultaneously.

    Just add speed to it and you are done.

    Pump up your glutes and butt!

    Here’s how your set would look: Do 5 sets of 50 seconds each. Your set would look like – 50 seconds squats, 10 seconds rest, and repeat.

  2. Burpees

    Burpees are the baap of all weight loss and warm-up exercise. Initially, you can do slow burpees but from round 3, you can very well increase the speed and do as many burpees as possible to lose weight fast.

    Burpees is the baap of all weight loss exercises. 

    Here’s how your set would look: 40 seconds burpees, 20 seconds break, and repeat. Do 5 such rounds.

  3. Jumping jacks

    When it comes to warming your body from head to toe, jumping jacks are the first and the foremost thing that comes to mind. These are great for those who are beginning their fitness journey.

    FYI, a simple tip can make your jumping jacks more intense. Firstly, keep your core tight. This will help in activating your core muscles ASAP. Secondly, include variations. Do a round of lateral jumping jacks, then overhead jumping jacks, front raise jumping jacks, and end it with lateral jumping jacks again.

    Jump your way to warm-up!

    Here’s how your set would look: Do a round of jumping jacks for 50 seconds, take 10 seconds rest, and repeat. Do 5 rounds.

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